A Living Sacrifice

Meditation night at NFHOP

Romans 12:1 “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.”

A living sacrifice. A daily decision to say no to the pleasure of this world. A living, breathing, moving sacrifice. Not dead and unable to be recycled, but always moving onto new assignments and impacting people/places every day. Who are we presenting our bodies as living sacrifices to? The living God. Living sacrifices before the living Father. Hallelujah.

Every day is a new day, full of mercy. A reset button is pressed in the heart of God, and we must do the same. To “die daily” to our own desires, dreams, passions. What does it look like to live daily as a living sacrifice? My life is spent in many ways, but are mainly comprised in a few groups: money, time, energy and relationships.

Help me to not only be willing, but to joyfully lay every area of my life on the altar. The joy that comes from Your presence - Your fiery love. Fire only falls on sacrifice. That we would be a living, burning sacrifice, like Jesus. Jesus will live within a glorified human body, displaying the wounds of His great sacrifice, for all eternity.

There is great joy in this sacrifice, for we are promised the exchange of God’s life for ours. “Those who lose their lives for My sake will find it.” “You will find Me if you seek Me with all of your heart.” The initial sense of loss, and fear of missing out, is soon replaced the exceeding joy of encountering His pleasure, His smile.

A holy sacrifice is purified by fire. So we will be, if we present ourselves before the Holy Flame of Love in faith and utter abandonment. Touch my heart with this seal of divine love, unlike anything this world has to offer. Overwhelm me, immerse me, capsize my life in Your love. That I have no fear, but am full of the fruit of the Spirit, leaking Jesus to everyone around me.

We get to lay every area on the altar, with no ties to this world and its fleeting pleasures. We get to exchange our life for His. The hell of this earth for the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth. We get to walk with God like Enoch, like Adam did in the Garden. Like Jesus did. We can all walk like Jesus did, who said it was His food to do the will of His Father – our Father. We get to die daily in the likeness of the Cross of Christ, with the promise of the resurrection and ascension in the likeness of Christ. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places. We get to abide in the burning heart of the Fellowship of the Trinity.

There is so much grace available to those who desire to be a living sacrifice. We don’t have to try our way to this place of dying to self; the grace of God is available to take us where we could never go in our own strength. It is His true joy to do so. He is so pleased with us. Hallelujah! Thank-you God for Your kindness to us in Christ.

Mark 12:30

Me: How do I love you with all my heart Lord?castle drawbridge

Lord: Let me love you first. My greatest desire is to heal your heart condition so that we might spend communion together as I designed it to be back in The Garden. As you spend time in my presence, as you rest with me, sit with me, feast on me, walk with me and hear me whisper of my delight in you, you will trust me and relish my enjoyment of you, and as you respond to my desire for relationship with you, my gentle but powerful light will heal the areas of your heart that are broken, bruised, offended and grieved. As you receive from my kindness and patience, the calloused areas of your heart, the unkind, impatient areas, will soften and absorb more of my love. As you dare to bare your heart to mine, I will restore it so that more of it can love me back.

Any unjust thought, any desire for sin, any arrogance, pride or envy, any rudeness towards others or myself takes up space in your heart so that you cannot love me fully with it. My peoples’ hearts would be so much healthier if they were focused on receiving from me and loving me back instead of spending precious time hiding or ignoring the unlovely parts. I long for ALL of your heart to love me as it is in this condition that you will thrive. I am the nourishment you need to cultivate a powerful, healthy heart that is full of fiery zeal and passion for me that fully reflects my fiery love for you.

In these days, it is ever more important that my bride become lovesick for me. It is the heart condition of being lovesick that will give you courage to face what is coming.

Me: Lord, I want to love you with all my heart, and I lament my lack of trust in you. I am scared to be vulnerable – even with you. Help me.

Gazing and inquiring

One of the things that has most transformed my Christian life in the last few years has been learning how to meditate on the Bible. Although I became a Christian in my early teens (and that’s a very long time ago!!!) no-one ever suggested that meditating on the Bible might be helpful. Now don’t get me wrong! Right from the very beginning I was encouraged to read my Bible on a daily basis. Year after year I tried to find new ways to do this from setting a bible reading schedule to following bible reading notes to just opening my bible each morning at random. Over the years I got to know my Bible and as a children and youth leader for many years I learnt and taught much from the wisdom in God’s word and from his instruction. The Bible was my handbook for life and as such it led me and kept me in my relationship with my Saviour.


However, a few years ago I was introduced to a method of meditating on the word taught by Kirk Bennett from IHOP-KC. I have to tell you it has transformed my relationship with the Bible! Instead of only studying the word to understand it and find out what it teaches me about God and his desire for my life I have discovered that I can meditate on the word and encounter the Lord himself in it. For years I have longed to know God more, to deepen in my relationship with him and allow that relationship to transform me. As I have set my heart, mind, soul and strength to enter into meditation I can testify that that has been the outcome. He has shown me things from his heart that have changed my attitudes and my relationship towards him and others; that have empowered my worship and my prayers and have caused my spirit to sour within me. This has truly been the journey into “gazing on his beauty and inquiring in his temple” (Psalm 27:4). I have learnt that he loves it when I ask him questions and he delights to answer. I have discovered that Jesus is the living word – that He is most encountered in his word. I have discovered that the bible is a treasure chest full of jewels that the Lord wants to share with me.

On Monday evenings at NFHOP we are going to be meditating on God’s word and I am excited about the revelations he will give us as we set time apart to engage with Him. My hope is that this blog will become a place for those revelations to be shared as we go deeper into his heart both individually and together.

Prayer Watch - The Family Business


I believe that all Christians are called to intecessory prayer and its something I've been involved with for much of my Christian life. However, I've been struggling a bit with what is for me, a new understanding of intercessory prayer using the House of Prayer model and decided it was time to get serious with God over the issue.

During the Friday night prayer watch, I felt disorientated and at a loss as the prayers seemed to sway this way and that, and I could never seem to catch up, let alone have the scriptures to hand from which I wanted to pray. All in all quite stressful.

As soon as I was in my car I cried out to the Lord in frustration, as I seemed perfectly eloquent and comfortable praying to Him on my own. "Lord, why can't I pray comfortably like this in the prayer watch?"

He answered me very simply, "Sarah, you were not prepared".

I spent some time with Him and asked Him to guide me and explain why I was having trouble preparing. Below is a summary of our conversation.

This Week @ NFHOP

Sunday 19 May

10.00am: CHURCH

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Monday 20 May

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Morning Prayer Watch

7.00pm – 9.00pm: DWELL

Revelation by meditation

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Wednesday 22 May

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Evening Prayer Watch

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Friday 24 May

7.00pm: SHABBAT

Shabbat meal and fellowship

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Sunday 26 May

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Living Word Church

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