Romans 5:12-20 my thoughts

Nips and tucks, Botox and fillers, plumpers and firmers – all promising solutions to entice us towards fulfilling our inherent desire for eternal life and everlasting youth!

There is nothing wrong with this desire - it’s the way the Creator made us. This desire will demand satisfaction and satisfied it will be. We are designed as eternal creatures and our souls will live forever – our choice is an eternity in love and partnership with significant purpose or an eternity in dark isolation, hopelessness and fear – we get to choose but there’s no evidence of middle ground.

When God created man, it was to be in mutual, selfless friendship with Him and to live forever in paradise. As the first human was seduced into sin, it ceased to be paradise and a place that the Holy God could dwell. Decay and ultimately death entered in. Since all sinned, death spread to all. That which was made to live eternally now succumbed to the all-consuming grave.

In passionate desire for His friends, God called out to, guided and got involved with His people as they fell foul to an increasing depravity of sinful acts. There had been no law given so sin could not be counted, death simply reigned as the natural consequence to sin.the-gift-of-faith

One man’s seduction into disobedience and self-obsessed trespass led to the condemnation for all men. The result of this one trespass, one lack of judgement, one foolish proud act, was that all perished. God’s heart was breaking. His beloved people now seduced by pride, vanity and self-fulfilment, were trapped under the power of death.

Through His friend Moses, He introduced the law to give us an understanding of sin, to enable us to measure right from wrong and to see that sin is so powerful and our flesh is so weak in the face of it, that we would need help to redeem our nature, our inheritance as friends of God, - we would need a Saviour.

The compassionate grace and desire for friendship that the Father God feels towards His creation, led Him to send His beloved Son, Jesus to earth.

Jesus left His royal, abundant, loving family in Heaven and took on flesh to experience life as one of us. Fully God, fully human He demonstrated life. He experienced as we do, He escaped nothing and there is nothing we face that He didn’t. His life on earth, like ours, has many facets.

He resisted temptation, great and small, through the power of the Holy Spirit which enabled Him; He experienced great joy, kindness, and compassion, great loss, humiliation, rejection and the searing pain of abandonment; He experienced the frustration of being mis-understood, the injustice of being falsely accused and the pain of betrayal; He experienced spiritual warfare and dealt swiftly with the demonic; but through His one act of selfless obedience, as He sacrificially laid down His life as a ransom for ours, His grace abounds and His righteousness is extended to anyone who will choose to be friends with Him.

This choice is not on a one off basis but as an ongoing, deepening, loving friendship that knows no end. This friendship changes us. Our character, our choices, our identity, nothing stays the same. This choice results in us experiencing a more fulfilling life here on earth, growing and developing into a significant partnership with purpose. He causes all things, no matter how hopeless or devastating they may seem to us, to bring about good when we are focussed on loving and living with Him.

As we receive His love, our love towards Him expands and then overflows to others. The key to this relationship is to allow ourselves to receive from Him. We are offered a great deal!

One of our many rewards for giving ourselves over to this relationship, is that after our physical death we will receive a new body that does not decay and that will live forever, dwelling in the glory of God, ruling and reigning with Jesus over the renewed earth.

His reward for giving up His glorious position in the spiritual realm and becoming flesh, is you and me. We are His inheritance. He, who is now enthroned in heavenly places, who day and night intercedes on behalf of each of us, He, who has inherited the title deeds to the earth, has also inherited you and me. He loves us with an everlasting love and longs to be with us. He longs to share our thoughts, our emotions, our desires and for us to share His.

He is not only our Saviour, our Provider and our Protector, but He is our Bridegroom King and He chooses us before the beginning of time to be His – but, despite His power, His majesty, and His glory He is the perfect gentleman wanting voluntary lovers, so He patiently waits for our decision which He will then perfectly respect, and justly allow us to live in the consequences of.

Nothing will ever come close to satisfying our longing for eternity, like the relationship with Jesus. Choose wisely.

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