Mark 12:30

Me: How do I love you with all my heart Lord?castle drawbridge

Lord: Let me love you first. My greatest desire is to heal your heart condition so that we might spend communion together as I designed it to be back in The Garden. As you spend time in my presence, as you rest with me, sit with me, feast on me, walk with me and hear me whisper of my delight in you, you will trust me and relish my enjoyment of you, and as you respond to my desire for relationship with you, my gentle but powerful light will heal the areas of your heart that are broken, bruised, offended and grieved. As you receive from my kindness and patience, the calloused areas of your heart, the unkind, impatient areas, will soften and absorb more of my love. As you dare to bare your heart to mine, I will restore it so that more of it can love me back.

Any unjust thought, any desire for sin, any arrogance, pride or envy, any rudeness towards others or myself takes up space in your heart so that you cannot love me fully with it. My peoples’ hearts would be so much healthier if they were focused on receiving from me and loving me back instead of spending precious time hiding or ignoring the unlovely parts. I long for ALL of your heart to love me as it is in this condition that you will thrive. I am the nourishment you need to cultivate a powerful, healthy heart that is full of fiery zeal and passion for me that fully reflects my fiery love for you.

In these days, it is ever more important that my bride become lovesick for me. It is the heart condition of being lovesick that will give you courage to face what is coming.

Me: Lord, I want to love you with all my heart, and I lament my lack of trust in you. I am scared to be vulnerable – even with you. Help me.

Lord: You are not alone. So many of my precious flock are keeping their hearts safely within beautiful fortified castle walls. The castles have large thick walls that protect the courtyards, avenues, banqueting halls and chambers within them. There are beautiful places where I am welcome to visit and I do, often, and we achieve much there, but, there are murky hallways that I am rushed through and dark, damp places where my light is forbidden to shine. These places prevent you loving me with all your heart.

The castles protecting your hearts, are further fortified by wide, deep moats. These moats represent the fears and worries that are not yours to carry. These are the things that you bury rather than bring to me. Drawbridges are aplenty and most are down to facilitate the ebb and flow of daily life and enable you to ignore the issues that deepen the moat. The open drawbridges give the assurance of welcome.

However, my beloved, when a perceived attack comes, let alone a real one, the drawbridges are tightly pulled up. The hearts of my people rely on their own strength and become locked down to the outside world and to my Spirit. The castle may still look lovely, but the life within it is impounded.

I want your hearts to be free of captivity. I long for you to rely on my love to protect you.

Me: Lord, how? How do I restrain my instinct to lock the doors of my heart?

Lord: Spend more time with me in the secret place that is set aside for you and I. Talk with me as you go about your everyday business. Hear my voice and look for me in the everyday natural realm and watch expectantly for the supernatural. Believe what I say about you through my Word. Learn to trust me. Be encouraged with fellowship in my body. Nourish the roots of your heart on my living Word which will enable it to grow. Let me set you ablaze. Exchange the ashes of your fear with the beauty of faith in me. I will not let you down. I will not betray you and I will not abuse your trust. I cannot lie.

Me: I want to – help me!

Lord: The castle surrounding your heart is not a bad dwelling, it’s just not the best – not even close. The castle is not easily relocated or extended and the view remains the same throughout each season. It is safe, and for a season it has served its purpose, but in time it is boring and it prevents you from growth, becoming dull and lifeless. I long for your heart to be free to go wherever I say go; to extend simply by moving the boundaries; and to see all that I have created for you. I desire to fascinate you and have you simply glow in awe of how powerful the protection of my love is over your heart.

When my presence dwelt in the Tabernacle under the shade of the tent, no-one could even touch it, let alone attack it, as the power was overwhelming to death. I now dwell in the heart of every believer and as your heart is filled with me, it will become impenetrable by anything other than love. This will give your heart true freedom to move as I move, see as I see and love as I love.

Me: Wow! Lord, a castle to a tent? Your ways are not our ways and your kingdom most definitely is not based on worldly values! I want to be where you are and I want you to have full access to all areas of my heart so that I can love you more – what’s next?

Lord: Come up here with me, I will open my doorway to heaven so that you can spend time gazing upon me; then you will know your obedience to my requests will be worth it. Trust me when I ask your permission to break the chains that enable the drawbridges to close. Let’s keep them open and you let me stand in the doorways to your heart. I will show you the reality of any hindrance that may try to enter. In a while we can take a look at the murky water that is the moat. I will move you towards the freedom of that tent dwelling at whatever pace you set, but we do need to take the first step. Come up here, my beloved!

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