Apart from Michael the archangel, the only other angel in Scripture who is specifically named is Gabri'el. His name means "God is my strength," or "mighty one." Though he is never specifically referred to as an archangel, he is a high-ranking angel. He stands in the presence of God and to him are given messages of the highest importance in relation to the kingdom of God. One of the first things that I came to realise on studying Gabri'el is that angels have names! When you think of the accounts in scripture that indicate the thousands upon thousands of angels that God created, yet He knows each one individually and has given each one a name.

Caesar Augustus

"In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered." (Luke 2:1)

Caesar Augustus, or to give him his full name, Imperator Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius Divi Filius Augustus, was effectively the founder and first Emperor of the Roman Empire. Born September 23rd 63 BC he became Emperor on 16th January 27 BC, and his reign initiated an era of relative peace known as the Pax Romana, which would see the Mediterranean region living in this peace for over two centuries. During this time the Roman Empire was expanding on several fronts, from Egypt in the south to Germany and Spain in the north and west. Syria to the north of Judea marked the eastern boundary of Rome's conquest under Augustus.

John the Baptist

John, whose name means "God is gracious", was a forerunner, with a very clear ministry to prepare the way for Yeshua. He is described as "the voice of one crying in the wilderness" – he is to be a voice of preparation, and a voice of separation. The voice of preparation was, concerning Yeshua, pointing toward the one who was to follow him; the one of whom John said "he must increase and I must decrease." John's baptism was in water for repentance – but John prepared the way for a greater baptism, for Yeshua's baptism is the baptism of Spirit and fire. The voice of separation was the call to repent – a separation from a life of sin, and separation unto God.

Elisheva (Elizabeth)

Elisabeth was descended from Aaron the high priest, and lived with her husband Zachariah in the hills of Hebron, about 30 miles south of Jerusalem in the Judean hills. Like her husband, she was a devout believer in God, following the law and all the ordinances, living a godly life. Elisabeth – or Elisheva in Hebrew – means "God has promised". Yesterday we looked at Zachariah – his name means "God remembers". Now, what happens when you put these two names together? You get "God remembers what he has promised". So what was the promise that God was going to remember? His last promise in the last book of the Old Testament was to send a Forerunner – specifically Elijah the prophet – before the day of the Lord. Do you begin to see how names are so significant in the bible!

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