End Times
Study Group

Have you wanted to understand the end times but felt that it was too complicated?
It's a subject that many people don't know how to approach.
  • Should we be afraid of the future?
  • Will Christians face tribulation in the end times?
  • Does the church have a part to play in the end times?
  • Can we know what will happen in the end times?
  • How do we know when the end times will come?
  • How can we understand what the bible says about the end times?
  • Why are God's judgments so severe?
  • Why is there so much conflict and contention over Jerusalem?
Many people dismiss the subject of the end times as being too controversial, peripheral or even irrelevant. But there are answers and the bible is clearer about this subject than we often think it is. There are over 150 chapters in the bible whose main subject is the end times, so God clearly wants us to know about what will happen at the end of the age.
With this in mind we have decided to establish an End Times Study Group. This will provide a place to explore together what the bible has to say about the end times in an informal setting. We will address some of the common questions about the end times, using the whole bible as our source material from Genesis to Revelation.
We will provide guidance on how we can study, prepare for and come to love God’s plan for the end of the age and the age to come. At the same time it will stir our hearts so that we will know how to live now without offence, which will impact upon our eternal future.
Season 1 material

Session 13: Joel 2

Session 14: Revelation 4 - The glorious throne

Session 15: Revelation 5 - Jesus is commissioned

Session 16: Revelation 6-7 - The Seal judgments

Session 17: Revelation 8-9 - The first 6 Trumpet judgments

Session 18: Revelation 10-11 - God gives prophetic direction

Session 19: Revelation11:15-19 - Jesus' second coming and rapture of saints

Session 20: Revelation 12 - 14 Confrontation and help

Session 21: Revelation 15 - 16 The Bowl Judgments

Session 22: Revelation 17 - 18 Harlot Babylon

Session 23: Revelation 19 - 20 Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem

Session 24: Revelation 21 - 22 New Jerusalem: Restoration of all things


Session 1: Foundations for studying end times

Session 2: Matthew 24 - What Jesus says about end times

Session 3: Matthew 25 - 3 end times parables + Sheep and Goats

Biblical interpretation - how we understand the scriptures

Session 4: Timeline of end times

Session 5: Daniel chapters 2 and 7

Session 6: Daniel chapter 9 (Daniel's 70 weeks)

Session 7: Overview of the book of Revelation

Session 8: Covenants and end times

Session 9: Bridal theology related to end times

Session 10: Israel and end times

Session 11: The Millennial (Messianic) Kingdom

Session 12: Church at the end of the age (Revelation 2-3)