New Forest House of Prayer exists to raise up a culture of prayer across the New Forest region, where Jesus is exalted through day and night worship and prayer in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David. As members of the local Evangelical Alliance we are committed to serve the wider Body of Christ, and our meetings are open to all who desire to see Jesus exalted through extravagant devotion, and transformation of our region as we partner with Him in prayer.

We are a missional community of Christians from across the Body of Christ who are responding to God's call to stand together in worship and prayer before Him. We cry out for revival and justice; for wisdom and revelation; for the poor and the oppressed; for the sick and the weak. We train, equip and release forerunners as intercessors and messengers, empowered by the Holy Spirit through a lifestyle of prayer, worship and fasting for the end-time harvest of souls; and provide a place of encouragement, fellowship and training for all those who are stirred by the call of the prayer movement.

Weekly Meetings

Our meetings are open to everyone, and we welcome all who would like to join us at any time.

We meet on Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings for Harp & Bowl worship and prayer in the New Forest. Our prayer room is located at Barton on Sea, near New Milton – see "This Week @ NFHOP" on this page for details of where and when we meet.

On Monday evenings we meet for "Dwell". This is an evening devoted to meditating in the Word, focusing on a verse of scripture for several weeks at a time. These are times of tremendous revelation where we learn how to engage with the God of the Scriptures, and through simply meditating on that verse we discover more and more of the treasures of heaven.

On Friday evenings we meet for a Shabbat meal and fellowship.


INTRO to NFHOP is a 1 day a month program designed to strengthen your prayer life, equip you for ministry and above all teach you how to live a life of intimacy and encounter with Jesus. It is about calling a generation who are given in total devotion through prayer and fasting to pursue the heart of God.


Song of Solomon

A journey into the heart of the Bridegroom God

Listen to our recent series on the Song of Solomon taught by Carole Coomber as part of our Enrich sessions

Click here to listen

Our Three-way Calling

At New Forest House of Prayer we are committed to supporting the worldwide prayer movement, the cry for revival, and the spread of the gospel of the Kingdom across the earth. This support is expressed in three dimensions: Inward, Upward and Outward.


Firstly to do the first commandment well. This means living the sermon on the mount lifestyle, cultivating intense love for God, and posturing our hearts to burn with desire for His ways and His affections.
John 15:15, 17:26


Secondly, to build a night and day house of prayer with people who will cry out for the presence and justice of Jesus; for a wholehearted lovesick Bride; for revival fires from coast to coast; for a widespread knowledge of God; for the salvation of Israel and for the return of Jesus "on earth as in heaven"


Thirdly, to help network, strengthen and support the prayer movement: training, teaching and preparing those that love God to be ready for the "great" and very "terrible" (Joel 2:11) days ahead with hearts that are alive and fiery whatever the circumstances we face. To help reap the harvest that is ripe and waiting


This Week @ NFHOP

We are taking a three week sabbatical while we visit IHOP-KC. The prayer room will re-open on Monday 13th May.