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We are committed to equipping the church with the biblical values and practical skills of intercessory worship. Our desire is to release an army of musicians, singers and intercessors who will pursue intimacy with God, exalt Jesus and contend for the transformation of their region and nation.

We invite you to come and be equipped to join a NFHOP team and keep the fire on the altar burning! As we build the schedule of prayer, we need worship leaders, musicians, singers, prayer leaders and technical support for every team. We offer training in musicianship, flowing in the Spirit, prophetic singing and intercessory worship, and prayer leading. We also offer training in the Harp and Bowl model, which is both simple to learn and offers the best route into enjoyable and sustainable prayer.

NFHOP training is also open to any believer from any church who would like to be equipped to better serve their own church/ministry, or who would like to attend just for their own personal development.

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to join a worship team, please get in touch with us – you can email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team roles

Prayer Leader

The Prayer Leader's responsibility is to encourage the room to engage in prayer for the subject in focus. They will use biblical prayers and promises to provide leadership and direction, and to encourage participation by others in the prayer room. They may also lead into times of "Rapid Fire" prayer or small group prayer as appropriate.

Worship Leader

The Worship Leader gives overall leadership and direction for the prayer watch. With a team of musicians and singers, they will lead corporate times of worship, spontaneous singing (singing in the Spirit), antiphonal singing and spontaneous choruses. From time to time there may be times of instrumental "Selahs", a phrase used in the Psalms to indicate a time of reflection; instrumental music can also be an expression of worship and prayer. The Worship Leader will be skilled both in music and in prophesying on their instrument (1 Chronicles 25:1, 2 Chronicles 34:12)


Musicians play an important role in opening up the hearts of the people to the heart of God. In scripture we learn that God has chosen to surround his throne with music, and there is much music and singing in heaven – some of the songs are recorded in the book of Revelation. The musicians augment the leadership of the Prayer Leader and the Worship Leader in providing skillful orchestration to enhance the themes and dynamics of the prayer watch. Music can soften the heart, tenderising us so that we are more able to pray in the Spirit in partnership with God. Under the Worship Leader's direction they submit their skills to God and prophesy on their instruments through melodies, harmonies and rhythms.

Prophetic Singers

Prophetic singers are trained to sing the melodies and harmonies that come from a heart that is in tune with the heart of God. They will learn to sing both spontaneously and antiphonally, listening and responding to the prayer leader and to one another. Above all they will be soaked in scripture so that they can sing prophetically out of the richness of the Word. They help the prayer room to flow in the Spirit, enhancing and amplifying the themes that are being prayed, and helping the room into corporate engagement before the throne of God. Day and night let the incense arise! (Revelation 8:3-4)

This Week @ NFHOP

Sunday 19 May

10.00am: CHURCH

Living Word Church

The Nedderman Centre, Marryat Rd, New Milton BH25 5NY

Monday 20 May

10.00am – 12.00pm: PRAY

Morning Prayer Watch

7.00pm – 9.00pm: DWELL

Revelation by meditation

11 Seacroft Avenue, Barton on Sea, New Milton BH25 7NY

Wednesday 22 May

7.00pm - 9.00pm: PRAY

Evening Prayer Watch

11 Seacroft Avenue, Barton on Sea, New Milton BH25 7NY

Friday 24 May

7.00pm: SHABBAT

Shabbat meal and fellowship

11 Seacroft Avenue, Barton on Sea, New Milton BH25 7NY

Sunday 26 May

10.00am: CHURCH

Living Word Church

The Nedderman Centre, Marryat Rd, New Milton BH25 5NY